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Benefits of cycling: Personal decision: what we choose for hobby, main vehicle, and popularize. Bicycle was supported by strong reasons. © Dr. Fülep Teo, 2020.07.28.

Benefits of cycling: full list
Benefits of cycling: full list

Benefits of cycling: full list

  • No fuel: The food only.
  • Silent: No noise pollution, it noiseless gliding in city, country road and nature. Electric vehicles are similar silent only.
  • Clean, no smoke: There is no pollution during the operation, neither locally, or remote. Considering the manufacturing it is about 15 kilogrammes, mostly metal, which is useable for 20–30 years in ideal case – it fits a lot in the load capacity of the environment.
  • Simple, modest: Ultimately a bicycle even the best quality high-tech bicycle, a muscle powered human-size vehicle.
  • Small and light: It fits the corner of a room, into an elevator, cellar, train, easy to transport with other vehicles. Easy to carry on stairs, to push to steep mount, through fallen trees. Especially the folding bicyle.
  • Cheapest vehicle: The cheapest vehicle of all time, considering the price/passenger/kilometre rate. The price is higher of a great service of a car. “The cheap is expensive” saying is absolutely fitting, maintenance of a cheap bicycle will costs much. Experience of centuries that a bicycle in a prevailing general monthly salary is a quality, which will work for 20–30 years with minimal input. We may save much money, for example for hobby, travel.
  • Movement, sport, performance: Transporting with bicycle is movement, sport and performance in any case, a unique vehicle in this.
  • Air, sounds, scents: We are not separated from air on a bicycle, we hear and feel everything surrounded in our environment.
  • Reduce stress: Calming down, relaxing, releasing endorphin happiness hormone, keeps in good mood.
  • Challenge, adventure: Solving of greater tasks is a challenge because of its sport feature; the exposition and experience are an adventure.
  • Strengthen and make trained: The continuous movement, the physical work, cold–hot temperature, precipitation, wind are strengthen and make trained. The body is transforming and accommodating, the muscles, heart and lungs are strengthening, the weather tolerance is expanding during a few years. Incomparable with indoor sports, it is in sharp contrast with car lifestyle, which absolutely dismantling the body.
  • Preserve health: Increase immune defence, reduce risk of several illnesses, e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure. Including inhalation of cars’ air pollution (not in big city peak time!), the complex health effect is positive, increasing mean age.
  • Keep in shape: Burning of fat, slenderize. Forming excellent leg and buttocks, mountainbiking effects on upper body as well. A real cyclist is recognizable from its leg.
  • Lifestyle movement: Daily movement without extra time.
  • Slow down aging, keep young: Lifestyle cycling gives the necessary movement for the body. Keeps the muscles, joints, circulation, sensory organs, reflexes in running, detoxify and keeps in light mode. The regular, daily cycling slows down aging and keeps young.
  • Part of landscape: A cyclist blends into the landscape, and a part of it. We may watch the landscape in undisturbed panorama.
  • Freedom: We may go, we are fast, we may stop and deviate anywhere, we can even push, we are in open air, we reach our destiny with self-power – this is freedom!
  • Cool: It is so cool going to work with bicycle, doing the big shopping, taking a long trip, cycling uphill to a high mount, cycling in rain–snow–hot conditions. Doing the same by a one-and-half-tons car or a buffalo-strong motorbike is not a big deal. Unsustainable and polluting vehicles will be less and less cool by time.
  • Frequent stop, talk: We may stop anywhere with a bicycle. Cyclists talk to each other and others, locals in a light way.
  • More attention: More attention will be given to that one, who takes on the exposure and challenges of cycling, and being satisfied with this modest vehicle. Extraordinary attention will be given, who is cycling in a difficult-to-cycle landscape and weather, where almost everybody is using car.
  • In any age: We may cycle from early childhood to the rest of life, no aging out from. If we keep wise health rules, we may cycle in old age undisturbed.
  • In any purpose: Cycling is the same suitable for local and intercity transportation, small and big shopping, going to school and work, transporting kids, luggage and freight, mountainbiking, hiking, sporting, body shaping and losing weight.
  • Nature friendly: There is no disturbing noise, smoke, much less road kills and asphalt covering, more remaining green surface and trees, which operate as a habitat and green channel. Preserve roads, no light trap and polar light trap effects. In harmony with nature conservation.
  • Sustainable transportation: Cycling is a sustainable transportation sector, because of being clean and silent, small weight and space needs, long lifetime and low maintenance charges, and the needs of movement. This cannot be said about air polluting vehicles, which are heavy weight, with insatiable space requirements and need of huge background industry.
  • Sustainable tourism: Bicycle tourism preserves silence and clean air, parking is easy with small space requirements, the risk of accident does not increasing, no needs for extended construction projects and infrastructure. In other hand bicycle tourism use local services. These are favourable for preserving natural values and local inhabitants. Car tourism is in the opposite.
  • Liveable city: Sustainable, settlement friendly, less accident, more walkers, liveable.
  • Worth for support: Sustainable, therefore worth for developing and supporting.
  • Independent: Mountainbiking may be in group or single. We may leave built roads, because it is small and light. Especially with an MTB mountainbike and a wide-wheel fat bike, which are designed for offroad.
  • Effective: Cycling is five times faster than walking and an excellent cargo vehicle. It is easy to travel significantly longer distances with huge equipment, using slopes effectively.
  • Self-discovery: The bicycle is an excellent vehicle of self-discovery, because the it is very effective, small, may stop frequently, may park anywhere, may leave built roads and being welcomed in most of the protected areas. Fast enough to travel well but slow enough to notice everything.
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