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Time is unstoppable and over time will defeat everyone. Our time and the length of our lives are important, but even more important is their content and quality. Time must be seized and filled, used. The young is fast and agile, the old is slow and tired. Some are slow and tired at a young age, while others are swift and active at an old age. Whether we stay young for a long time or get old early is up to our mind. Whether we are pursuing a lifestyle young or old is a matter of our free choice. I compiled the 10-10 points based on my own experience.

10 things that keep you young

1. Active movement should be an everyday part of your life: transport and physical work, sports! Walk a lot, walk, bike, work with muscle strength; enjoy the movement, the movement itself is life! Dress so you can move freely!

2. Load your muscles, spin your heart and sweat every day! Excessive blood flow and sweating cleanse, detoxify!

3. Eat simple foods tailored to your location, season, activity! Eat much on active days, little on rest days!

4. Drink lots of water and herbal tea from nearby herbs, use the health-preserving power of nature’s gifts!

5. There is no place for smoking and other destructive habits and addictions!

6. Time and health are the foundations of well-being, more important than money! Have time to live, get enough sleep, relax during the day!

7. Do not compete, do not overload yourself, do not defeat others, but defeat your laziness, objections, social expectations and environmental factors!

8. Be outdoors a lot in winter and summer, that’s freedom! Enjoy the silence of nature and all its elements in settlements as well, let nature be a part of your home!

9. Live in peace, be cheerful and in a good mood, do not be nervous, but rather work on solving tasks and situations!

10. Have faith and purpose, know your place and duty, enjoy your work, divide your time, always have a task!

10 things that age faster

1. Complement your life with leisure sports, after sitting all day at work and in the car, using power tools, doing monotonous work! Movement is important, make time for it (which won’t be much)! Have sportswear!

2. Walk, aim for ten thousand steps a day! Use an antiperspirant to prevent sweating! (Too low intensity, too little, not detoxifying.)

3. Don’t deny yourself anything, but yours only that you eat! Eat summer fruits and exotic foods even in winter!

4. Drink everything you like, mineral water from fashion, ice tea from a bottle, energy drink from a hobby!

5. Smoking is harmful, but planes are more harmful, you have to die anyway!

6. Work as much as possible so that you can live well, produce the financial cover for the consumption of your desired standard of living!

7. Prove that you are better than others! Winning a race and getting recognition is the most uplifting feeling you have to sacrifice for!

8. Don’t expose yourself unnecessarily to the summer heat and winter cold, spare yourself! It is safer and more comfortable to play in a gym!

9. Defend your truth, don’t let anyone tohorn in your life, exclude things you don’t like from your life!

10. Believe only in what you see, know the place and task of others, only do what they pay well!

10 things that keep you young and 10 things that age sooner
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