Behind VeloTeoFoto I am Teo, Dr. Fülep Teofil (1973), hiker bicyclist, traveller and photographer, touristic and sustainability blogger, journalist, tour-guide, hike leader (instructor), PhD doctor of environmental sciences, reader and criticiser.

Classification: popular science: educational, public cultural, art (photography).
Ecotourism: promoting sustainable, human-scale, boot, cycling, backpacking tourism.
Inspiration, entertainment: sharing experiences about my out-of-average tours.
Sustainability: promoting a slower, closer to nature, more modest, more experience-rich, cycling lifestyle.
Power and health: set an example of the possibilities and workload of the human body when you get the essential, natural daily exercise and training.
Work and services: tourism journalist, lecture, tour-guide, hike leader (instructor) advertisement.

BLOG: On average, I post a blog post every month on tourism, travel, sustainability- cycling lifestyles.Classification: popular science: educational, public cultural, art (photography). Tourism journalism, scientific dissemination- I keep those topics for later, which are fitting to journals. According to reader feedback, my style is “visual writing“: with picture drawing words and photos. I write because I am skilled in this, about travel, hiking, because I live in it. About sustainability because the world is collapsing. My ideas have neither end, nor number. My blog is like a cave drawing: it’s for those who discover and care.

I am hiking in the night also on foot, with bicycle, in the forests, mountains; I’m going around a lake, through a mountains.
~35 kilogram is the complete weight of my loaded mountainbike for a one-day-long hike, while other mountainbikers generally start with minimal weight, empty bicycle.
– Bicycle trip: during 24 hours I take 100–300 kilometres with equipment up to 50 kilogram.
– I really like camping below 0 degrees, cycling above 40 degrees.
Swimmer hiking is my unique, own-developed method (2016–2020).
– Swimmer hike: I spend in the water 58 hours a day.

The motivation and engine of my education is my being an active hiker and hike-leader since 1990, as a traveller I have visited 28 destination countries on 83 travels. I am a fully loaded bicycle tourist, a walker and swimmer hiker. Lowlands and mountains, continental and sea waters, in my home country and in abroad – the main goal of my trips is getting knowledge, fixing in photographs. The large number of own experiences and photos give colours and credit into my environmental, touristic and lecture works.

28 countries I have already been to, 2023. September.

LECTURES: I give educational lectures for invitation:
geographical travel & hike lectures
sustainability lectures, environmental protection, nature conservation

HIKE-LEADER + TOUR-GUIDE: Nature and culture, hiking and travel, mountains and waters, cities and beaches, groups, group trips, cruises. I know the secret, how to plan, organise and lead a successful travel, hike to any group, which gives an exceptional experience.
My specialisation is to introduce the natural environment, the connection of mankind and nature.
Highlighted areas: Bükk, Mátra, Balaton, Mediterranean.
– Passengers say: “We have never seen a Tour Guide who tells so many stories and information.”
– I guided for occasional invitation, foreigners in my homeland (Hungary), and Hungarians in abroad (Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain), until 2020.
– My most successful publication: “The profession of hike-leading” (2010, in Hungarian) methodological book was used by some universities also; a subject was based on it as well, it creates 3 chapters of the “Hike leader knowledge” (2010, in Hungarian) study book. Sentences of my book are occurred in other publications sometime, because its contents and parts are stolen by the method of text theft.
Hike-leader instructor (since 2014): orientation, nature conservation, mountain environment.

My lifestyle: super-frugal, minimalist, stock-keeping, sporty, urban housing + traveler-hiker-cyclist.
– My carbon footprint 2022: 3.5 tons of carbon dioxide/2022 year [Hungarian average: 6.6; world average: 4.8]
– My ecological footprint 2020: 2.1 ha
– My ecological footprint 2021: 2.1 ha
– My ecological footprint 2022: 2.4 ha
[Earth’s ecological footprint 1961: 0.88 ha; 2011: 2.2 ha; 2013: 2.8 ha
Hungary’s ecological footprint 2022: 3.7 ha
USA ecological footprint 2004: 9.57 ha
Qatar’s ecological footprint 2022: 14.3 ha
Yemen’s ecological footprint 2022: 0.5 ha (Wikipedia)]

EDUCATION: I graduated in 1992, in the Herman Ottó Secondary School. In 1996 I became a biology–technology teacher in the Eszterházy Károly Teacher Training College, in 2000 I graduated as an ecologist for environmental protection in the University of Debrecen, in 2004 I got the trade of tour-guide in English language. In 2016 I got the PhD doctor scientific level of environmental sciences in the Pannon University, Georgikon Faculty, Keszthely. My 4 graduations are kindly overlap and complete each other.

RESEARCH: I research on waters in the field of environmental sciences: flatworms, freshwater triclads (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) which live in mountainous waters. 12 years of fundamental research: I have scouted, expanded and processed the knowledge of Hungary, PhD doctor scientific level.

LECTOR: I read and criticise environmental works with well-developed sense of error. If you think that your paper, publication or book is fine, just ask me: I will point several mistakes.

MY WAY OF THINKING: In my opinion mankind goes on a dead end. Wrong way is in system level, lifestyle and organization of our society is flawed in principle and strange. We are unable to live in harmony with Earth and with out own body, queue of global and social health problems proof that. The popular “Western type”, comfort–consumer lifestyle is not sustainable and does not bring happiness, but decrease our life quality. What we name value and life should be revised fundamentally. Theoretically harmony is possible, wise traditions along with high technology altogether could make miracles, but the general social will gives good answers rarely and in delay. Connecting of reason–effect–solution of problems is achievable only with close cooperation of natural sciences and technology. Environmental sciences are focusing on the system, including mankind. I dealt with environmental sciences and environmental questions all in my life. I would like to promote better human life and sustainability with my knowledge.

KEYWORDS: Environmental Sciences, PhD, Environmental Protection, Ecology, Biology, Technology, Tour-Guide in English language; hike-leader-instructor, Teacher, invited instructor and lecturer, reading and criticising; triclads, nature conservation, sustainability, liveable city, sustainable transportation and tourism; traveller, cyclist-walker-swimmer hiker, fully loaded long-distance bicycle tourist, outdoor sports and hiking technology–methodology, hiking equipment test and review; minimalism, wilderness style interior design; photographer, spectacular slide show lecture, motivation lecturer, tourism journalist.

PUBLICATIONS: In detail: 2. Publication & Media

Research of environmental sciences: triclad-faunistics: 25 (included first author: 23, *English: 2),
biology and nature conservation: 6 (included book: 1, *English: 1)
Tourism and nature conservation: 12 (included book: 3, book chapter: 3); Environmental protection: 19
= full number of publications: 62, number of all issues: 84
nature conservation: 5; triclad-faunistics & hydrobiology lectures: 28 (included *English: 2)
= full number of lectures of environmental sciences: 33
sustainability lectures: 41 (included *English: 3);
geographical travel & hike lectures: 36;
= full number of education–popularization lectures: 77
Photo publications: important nature photos: 3; important building photos: 2; photoposter: 1
TV television–radio–press interview: 10


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