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VeloTeoFoto © Fülep Teo, 2020.12.19.

Problem statement:

  • Throwing bad candles in the trash is a waste.
  • Sometimes we need a cooker on a hike, terrace, balcony or loggia.
  • To use the outdoor hike cookers we usually need to buy a separate fuel, cartridge, which also generates waste.
  • It is not always possible to use an open fire or folding pocket wood stove (hobo stove), e.g. no firewood, all wet, we must not smoke.
  • Wax waste from bad candles can be used for a hike cooker, but this is not a practice, no such appliance is available.
  • Solution: I designed and built a wax cooker that can be refilled and fed by wax debris (Figure 1.)
Figure 1: viaszfőző (wax cooker) VeloTeoFoto © Fülep Teo, 2020.12.19.
  • Technology: The frame of the wax cooker is a metal jar (aluminium hand cream box). The soul of the device is a thick wick held by a steel cross bridge. An essential part of the wax cooker is the choke made of a metal vessel (iron can), without which the wax burns very strongly after a time, on the entire surface! A metal plate for extinguishing is also an essential accessory.
  • Benefits: It does not produce waste, but uses waste. Cheap, simple. High heat of combustion. Not sensitive to water and low air pressure. Can be made in several sizes.
  • Disadvantages: Soot, the cooking vessel must be covered. The melted wax can spill out, melt in summer when packed, and cool down slowly. Dirty.
  • Suggested use: 1. For winter and alpine hiking. 2. Terrace, balcony and loggia for fondue, mini kettle.
  • Warning: Use only at your own risk, in accordance with fire regulations!
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