Scrambled eggs without eggs (egg-free scrambled eggs)

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This excellent food was created when the price of eggs was escaped to the sky, but I still wanted to eat scrambled eggs, (because I always eat that). If the eggs are shameless expensive or we can’t get it, or we have a small eggs only, what we eat fast and others also wish scrambled eggs, than take this fine recipe.


Let us take a pan, put in the chopped bacon and onion, fry, braise them. Let us make the scrambled eggs rich: with much onion, much bacon, we may add vegetables (paprika, tomato). Gently and quickly stir, lift and hold with a spatula. Spice as usual, but we may add any spice also which is not fitting. Serve hot immediately.


  • egg: 0 piece
  • onion: much
  • bacon: much
  • pepper
  • paprika: hot, sweet
  • (vegetables: paprika, tomato)
  • (other spices: any kind)

Work time: 5 minutes

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