Neckbag for carrying small and delicate things

VeloTeoFoto © Fülep Teo, 2020.12.29.

Sometimes we have to carry a small, delicate, fragile thing with a bicycle that would be damaged in our bags, shattered on poor roads, it would not fit, we weren’t prepared for it. For example, pastries, hollow chocolate, potted flowers, bouquets of flowers, small glass and porcelain objects, smaller technical devices. No, that’s why no reason to sit in a car or call a taxi. Forget the bag hanging on the handlebars quickly because it wobbles and obstructs you on the go.

The neckbag is an excellent and simple solution, capacity 6-8 liters. It could be a shoulder bag that can be pulled up to the chest with a short strap. It is important not to disturb your knees while riding. The bag should be foldable so that it can always be with us.

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