3. Lectures of VeloTeoFoto

VeloTeoFoto Dr. Fülep Teofil list of lectures, last update: 2021.01.06.

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Motivational lectures

  • motivational lecture: Recognized results from a weekend hobby.
    Techniques: Interesting our tendencies. Integration of our abilities. Route search. Starting from zero to the significant results. Experience of work. Maximal time efficiency. The Step of the Day for 20 years.
    Keywords: self-knowledge, willpower, motivation, integration, strategy, indirect methods, awareness, cooperation, sustainability, story of 20 years.
    Purpose: Developer training, training, workshop; 45 minutes.
  • motivational spectacular lecture: Hiking – why and how?
    Keywords: adventure, willpower, self-confidence, lifestyle changes, self-improvement, benefit reception, motivation, inspiration, homeland knowledge, patriotism, harmony, sustainability, story of 30 years.
    Purpose: To grab the audience with the power of impression, it helps to harmonize the relationship of nature–mankind–expectations; 9–99-year-olds, 45 minutes.

Geographical spectacular lectures, travel experience reports

  • Starhike. The starry sky is above us.
  • Short roaming in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark (touching Switzerland and Belgium; Northwest Europe).
  • With bicycle in the teeming dense and bright green lands of the Netherlands.
  • Kefalonia with bicycle, in the west side of Greece, on a hot island, which bursts high from the blue Ionian Sea.
  • Zakintos with bicycle, in the west side of Greece, on the pearl of the Ionian Sea.
  • Costa Brava on foot and by swim; Catalonia, Spain: the wild seaside and placid coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. (NEW!)
  • Greece, Eastern side and the Aegean Sea with bus, ship, bicycle and swim. (NEW!)
  • Turkey, Constantinople’s descendant Istanbul, and the surrounded seas. coming soon
  • Crna Gora, Albania by bus and swim; in the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. coming soon
  • Bulgaria with bicycle and swim: the Black Sea and the Balkan Mountains around Nessebar. coming soon

Hiking, tourism, knowledge of the home country

  • Our mysterious mountains, the Bükk, Hungary.
  • Our magical lake, the Balaton, Hungary.
  • With opened eyes in Hungary and Borsod Abaúj Zemlén County.
  • Ask the nature.

Hiking–hike-leading, hike-leader-education

00. The profession of hike-leading. Methodological pilot for tour-guides, biology and geography teachers, environmental educators who guide tours.

01. Organizing of hike, hike-leading.

02. Dangers of hiking.

03. Sustainable hiking with doubts.

04. Tourist ethics, responsibility, law.

05. Hiker ground school, cartography, orientation. (TTTT)

06. Mountainous environment – foreword.

07. Biogeography of mountains of Earth.

08. Mountainous wildlife of the Carpathian Basin.

09. Mountainous culture.

10. Mountainous surface–snow–ice–water geography.

11. Hiking – why and how?

Sustainability, environmental protection, nature conservation

  • General environmentalist lecture.
  • The World Water Day with Holocen eyes. 1.
  • The World Water Day with Holocen eyes. 2.
  • Rapid tests on water quality.
  • Earth Day, the manking on a living planet.
  • World Animal Day, friend or enemy?
  • Nature conservation on the side of siciety. Holocen Nature Conservation Organization, Miskolc, Hungary.
  • My experiences and thoughts about the tourism in the Bükk Mountains.
  • Our mysterious bog, exploring the Peat Bog at Kelemér.
  • Global problems, our world wide troubles.
  • Situation and possibilities of nature conservation and environmental education in the family and school.
  • Thoughts about environmental awareness and environmental education.
  • The Connection of Nature and Humanity. (Past, Recent Past, Present, Future.)
  • Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA).
  • Steps toward sustainability in the countries of Northwest Europe (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium).
  • Nature Conservation: 00. Introduction: Hungary, Bükk mountains, hiking equipment, field trip.
  • Nature Conservation: 01. Introduction.
  • Nature Conservation: 02. Study cases.
  • Nature Conservation: 03. Tourism.
  • Nature Conservation: 04. Engineering.
  • Car-based transport system, which digest the world, or public and bicycle-based sustainable transport system.
  • The vegetation is very important, than why not? (NEW!)
  • Steps toward sustainability. (NEW!)


  • Photography, image creation with photo camera.
  • Service and fixing of bicycles.
  • Bicycle transportation in settlements and offroad.

Freshwater triclad research (flatworms; Platyhelminthes: Tricladida)

  • The Hungarian situation and main results of research on triclads (Platyhelminthes: „Turbellaria”: Tricladida).
  • Effects of the 2010 year’s extraordinary rainfalls on the triclad fauna (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) in the Garadna stream and Király-kút water flow of the Bükk mountains, Northeastern Hungary.
  • The Hungarian bibliography and research history of freshwater triclads (Platyhelminthes: „Turbellaria”: Tricladida).
  • Bioindicational possibilities of triclads (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida).
  • Research on triclads (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) in the karst water of the Bükk Mountains, Hungary.
  • The situation of triclad (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) fauna of Hungary, 2012.
  • Research on the faunistics of freshwater triclads (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) in Hungary, Europe, focusing on the mountains. doctorate PhD dissertation, 2015–6.
  • Occurrence of triclads (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) in the region of Magyarókereke, Transylvania, Historical Great Hungary, (Romania).
  • Research on hidden animals in waters hidden in mountains, the unknown triclads. (Researchers’ Night, NEW!)

Outsoursers, references: Holocén Természetvédelmi Egyesület; KaziSuli Miskolci Kazinczy Ferenc Magyar–Angol Két Tanítási Nyelvű Általános Iskola és Miskolctapolcai Tagiskolája; Matt Humán Tanácsadó Kft.; Elmerex Kft.; PE-GK Pannon Egyetem, Georgikon Kar, Festetics Doktori Iskola; ME-KGI Miskolci Egyetem Környezetgazdálkodási Intézet; TE Testnevelési Egyetem; OEE Országos Erdészeti Egyesület; MFT Magyar Földrajzi Társaság; MIKELL Miskolci Katolikus Egyetemi Lelkészség; MHVE Magyar Hegyivezetők és Hegyi Túravezetők Egyesülete; JUF Járatlan Utakon Fesztivál; TIT “Jedlik Ányos” Tudományos Ismeretterjesztő Társaság – volunteer, instructor, teacher, researcher, lecturer

My lecturer specialities:

  • The number of images: ~100 thousands own photos.
  • Feature of photos: travel photos, nature photos, settlement photos, subject photos, life pictures.
  • Methodology: traveller, hiker (walker, cyclist, rower, spelean, swimmer), mostly long distance bicycle tourist; I have hiked over Hungary, I have visited 23 countries in Europe.
  • Language: Hungarian, English
  • Time: flexible 10–30–45–60–90–(120) minutes/lecture; the photos of a presentation are based on own VeloTeoFoto photos, content is always update.
  • Cinema darkness is necessary for the presentations!
Fotó: hatvanihirlap.hu