Cycle Chic photography

VeloTeoFoto © Fülep Teo, 2020.12.06.

The bicycle is not only a vehicle and sports equipment, but fashion and style element – that makes the settlements silent, clean, suitable for human life (liveable) by the way, and makes the body shapely, strong and trained. In harmony with our body, bicycle, dress and environment. By now it has become a red carpet event of self-expression: boy or girl, old or young, he/she is cool on a bicycle. This is promoted worldwide by the cycle chic movement, photography.

If you would like Cycle Chic photos and portfolio and if you live in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary, contact me by email, I take Cycle Chic photos of you free in 2021, according to agreement. 🙂

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