Travel & hike photography: Introduction

VeloTeoFoto © Fülep Teo, 2020.07.29.

Travel and hike photography: During my travels and hikes I take many thousands of photos in several topics. After I spent a week somewhere, typically I show a new face of the land or country for even those, who visit there since twenty years. I give geographical spectacular lectures, travel experience reports for invitation.

About the travel photography: Making a fine documentation about a hike or travel is not self-evident, not easy. It takes a long time to make progress from the grayscale (black and white) film photography to the spectacular travel and underwater photos. The point is vision, recognition, speed and identification. The walker, cyclist and swimmer methods make the accurate observation possible. Travel photography includes landscape photography, nature photography, and weather photography, building photography, event photography, documentary photography, food photography, street photography, portrait photography and photojournalism. A particular difficulty is the one-time, short time frame.

In this site I introduce a few characteristic and spectacular landscapes or any other of my favourite countries. Hungary, Catalonia-Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Bulgaria.

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